Scatter cushions in the same fabric as the roman blind in the window above the cushions on the couch

There are many different types of cushions including the seats and backs of furniture such as settees, couches and easy chairs, garden seat pads, scatter cushions and padding forming part of footstools and other small items of furniture.

Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions matching adjacent curtains covering patio doors

Many people design a space such as a room in a house by choosing a general colour scheme and either one main pattern or perhaps two patterns that complement each other, but not too many different styles. The walls might be painted in one of the paler colours within the colour scheme with perhaps one area of wall being covered with a ‘feature’ colour or pattern if appropriate for the space and use of the area. When a large area such as patio doors or a bay window is dressed with bold or patterned curtains or blinds the same fabric is sometimes used to create scatter cushions or bolsters for use in the room. Those cushions can then help to reinforce the theme of the room by repeating smaller areas of the strong colour, texture and pattern of the curtains on nearby soft furnishings such as settees, easy chairs or beds if the room is a bedroom. A few examples of scatter cushions created by Window Dressing Oxford to match curtains or blinds we have also supplied are included on this page.

Although the cushions shown in these examples happen to be square, other shapes are possible and might be more appropriate depending on the furniture and the overall design of the space. Scatter cushions can be made in a huge range of styles including box-shaped, with piped-edges, frills, or other decorative effects. It is also possible to combine fabrics, for example by using a patterned fabric on one side with a suitable plain single colour of fabric forming the other side.

Cushions or pillows as part of a set of bed coverings

Pillow matching bedspread and bedroom curtains

The dressing around and covering windows form an important part of the overall impression of many, if not all, rooms. The use of fabrics elsewhere in the room or space often depends on the use of the room. For example, the blind or curtain might be almost the only fabric, apart from perhaps a hand towel,  in a small bathroom or a purely functional kitchen area. At the opposite extreme, bedrooms tend to include more fabric items such as bedspreads, pillows, cushions and perhaps additional easy chairs, window seats or similar.

The example shown in the photograph on the right shows a matching set of bedroom curtains, frilled pillow case and a corner of a box-fit bedspread (only a small corner of the bedspread is displayed in order to show all three items).

Cushions as part of larger items of furniture

Example of larger cushions

Some multi-functional items of furniture are designed to be capable of being taken apart and re-assembled easily. This can be useful if the item is to be moved around a lot, is only for occasional use, or is designed to be able to be used in different ways such as a settee that can be converted into a comfortable bed e.g. in a caravan, boat or childrens’ area. We can produce and custom cover any size or shape of foam cushion. Different densities of foam are used depending on the intended use and therefore if the finished item should be relatively hard or soft.

The example shown here is suitable for use in various rooms around the house. The frame previously held a folded mattress that had lost its shape and was no-longer either attractive or comfortable.