Inspiring New Fabrics for 2018

21 Mar 2018, by admin in Fabrics

We are delighted to offer a wide range of high quality fabrics for consideration for your window dressing and soft furnishing requirements. Although they are best seen in person so that the quality and texture can also be more fully appreciated, these photos introduce some of the latest 2018 collections from our supplier Prestigious Textiles (R).

Only a few of the latest collections are featured on this page. A much wider range is available for clients to inspect.


This collection includes a range of soft prints of watercolours of natural subjects such as wild flowers and scattered leaves. The range of delicate designs combine well together. Alone or in combination they’d add a refreshing airy style to any space intended for comfortable relaxation.

Photo Credit: www.prestigious.co.uk


Warm colours in repeating patterns inspired by Mayan textiles can enhance various types of spaces. There are several styles and colour combinations to choose from.

Photo Credit: prestigious.co.uk

Photo Credit: www.prestigious.co.uk


Fabrics with marbled textures and metallics enhanced with details such as glistening embroidery can have a striking impact. Options in this range include Metallic Ogee, Foil Printed Embroidery and Sculpted Velvet among others. This collection would be an interesting candidate for consideration when re-designing or refreshing a formal room or space.

Photo Credit: www.prestigious.co.uk

We are also willing to work with fabrics and other materials such as trimmings supplied by our clients. If fabrics have already been obtained and work remains to transform them into curtains, blinds or other home furnishings, we can help. Please contact us either to arrange to view fabrics for your project or just to discuss how we can help move forward a project for which the materials have already been sourced.