Cushions, cushions, cushions !

05 Dec 2014, by admin in Cushions, Fabrics
Selection of cushions made by Windowdressing-Oxford A bolster together with other cushions of various shapes and sizes

Cushions can be made in a huge variety of different shapes, styles and designs as well as in different types and patterns of fabrics and with different types and densities of fillings.

This post includes a few pictures of smaller cushions in some shapes and styles suitable for use on sofas, sofa beds, couches, settees, easy chairs and beds. Windowdressing Oxford also produces custom cushion panels that form the seats and backs of large items of furniture such as couches, sofa beds and outdoor seating of various types.

Various small cushions made by Window Dressing Oxford.

Different styles of cushions made using a variety of different types of fabrics, including some suitable for use on beds, one that might also be used on a floor and a large pillow-style cushion made using flame retardant material.[/caption]

This post is added in December but cushions are not just for winter or Christmas, they are a great way to improve the comfort and visual appeal of a space at any time of the year.

Zoomed-in picture of the detail of some smaller cushions made by Window Dressing Oxford. This shows piping, frills and covered buttons. close-up view of some smaller cushions by Window Dressing Oxford. This picture shows the detail of the end of the bolster, one of many possible smart finishings.

All the cushions shown in the photographs on this page were made in our Oxford workshop and are available as special order items made in the style, size and fabric of your choice. Fabrics are available from us or talk to Window Dressing Oxford about using your own fabrics. We can discuss the suitability of fabrics for the applications you have in mind. Many people like to use the same and/or matching fabrics as those used to make adjacent upholstery items and/or the curtains or blinds.