A customer’s experience of Window Dressing Oxford

03 Nov 2014, by admin in Cushions, Fabrics, Fitted Covers, Soft Furnishings

It’s obvious from a quick look at the pages of this website that Window Dressing Oxford produces custom curtains, blinds, cushions and other soft furnishings for domestic or other premises such as hotels, restaurants, village halls and so on.

What is it really like to work with us to enhance a space in your home?

The following was received from a recent client in Oxfordshire:

We had been talking about replacing or upgrading an old sofabed for some time. Although we were reluctant to throw it away and buy another because the frame was in good condition, we considered buying a new sofabed and looked at many possibilities both online and in shops. The ones we saw either didn’t fit the space as well as the old one, weren’t available in our preferred colours or were not of sufficiently high quality.

One option was to buy new foam sections cut to the right size so that we could keep the old frame but use it with new foam that we would need suitable covers for. Several UK websites sell custom sizes of foam sections in various grades of foam. Some of them even have automatic calculators enabling customers to enter the required dimensions and options in order to generate custom quotations without needing to phone or email then wait for a reply. This seemed like a good solution even though the prices were surprisingly high. The disadvantage was that we would be ordering what we hoped would eventually become a comfortable seat and bed without ever actually feeling the soft/firmness of the foam. It was also necessary to make other decisions about things such as wadding and layers of wrapping. Although most of the terms were explained, we had no experience from which to make decisions. In short, having not tried, felt or even seen the options in person, we could not make fully informed choices.

While still unsure if and how to proceed to refurbish or replace the sofabed, we asked Aileen of Window Dressing Oxford if her services included this type of product and if so, what costs and time would be involved. Unlike in the cases of the remote internet-based companies, it was possible to meet with Aileen quickly and conveniently. The basic costs were similar to the ones we’d found online but the level of service was very much higher. Before we needed to make any decisions about how to proceed with Window Dressing Oxford, everything had been explained clearly – including actually seeing, feeling and sitting on, the possible types and combinations of foam. The advice given was specific to our particular project and preferences.

After talking to Aileen it was an easy decision to keep the existing wood frame, throw away the over-used mattress and have Window Dressing Oxford supply the new foam sections and produce the exact fit covers needed to provide us with a comfortable, functional item of furniture that is still a great fit to the space it occupies and now looks brand new.

We’re delighted with the result. The “new” couch is at least as comfortable as the best of those we tried in shops. Not only is the item the ideal size for the space, but it has also been covered in exactly the right type and colour of fabric to match the rest of the room.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Window Dressing Oxford to anyone looking for excellent personal service and skilled soft furnishings work in the Oxon / Bucks area. 

This ‘guest post’ is by a recent client who sent us the above description of experience of working with Window Dressing Oxford. It is included unedited and in full.