Audio Interviews

26 Sep 2014, by admin in Windowdressing
Selection of cushions made by Windowdressing-Oxford

For those who would like to sit back, relax and hear (rather than read) a bit more about Window Dressing Oxford, we have recently recorded a series of audio clips that will be released on this website at weekly intervals starting on Monday 29th September.

The first audio chat recording is Aileen’s appearance on “Going Wild with Wildlife”.

This will be followed by a series of short audio recordings about the following topics:

  • Choosing fabrics (6 Oct 2014)
  • How to use your choices (13 Oct 2014)
  • Curtains for bay windows (20 Oct 2014)
  • Getting the best out of blinds (27 Oct 2014)

All of the audio clips uploaded so far will be available to listen to on the Listen page of this website – either use the link in this post or find it via the main navigation bar at the top of every page on this website.