Blackout linings for summer curtains

13 Jun 2014, by AileenWaller in Curtains, Fabrics, Windowdressing

We all look forward to the summer but the increase in the number of hours of daylight can cause problems for some people. For example, particularly bright daylight can make it more difficult for people who work night shifts to get to sleep during the daytime. It can also be a challenge to persuade children to go to bed to sleep while daylight streams in through their bedroom windows – even when the curtains are closed.

Bedroom curtains that keep the bright summer light out of the bedroom thanks to blackout linings Blackout curtain linings can be especially helpful during the summer months.

There is a simple answer to this problem: Buy some blackout linings or have some made to the exact size of your curtains.

I have used blackout-lined curtains a lot at home. They are also used in hotel rooms where, of course, curtains must also be Flame retardant in order to comply with UK safety laws in the UK. An additional benefit of black-out linings is that they add extra body to the curtains.